Case Studies

Twix Interactive University Tour, Northern Ireland

Case Studies

Twix Interactive University Tour, Northern Ireland


Twix planned an interactive university tour around Northern Ireland in the autumn. 

The campaign involved inviting students to play an interactive game on the iPad, with high scorers entering a competition to win an iPad. 

Twix required a team of promotional staff to facilitate the game, record scores, and engage students in the competition.


Astute Staffing was chosen to provide the promotional staff for Twix’s university tour. 

Our goal was to assemble a team that could effectively facilitate the interactive game, record scores, and encourage student participation in the competition.


Our team consisted of Astute Recruits, selected for their technical skills, ability to engage with students, and represent the Twix brand effectively.


Our team toured four main universities in Northern Ireland, inviting students to play the interactive game on the iPad. 

They successfully facilitated the game, recorded scores, and encouraged students to participate in the competition.


The tour resulted in 4,000 student interactions over 12 staffing days. 

While specific competition entries or game-winners aren’t listed, the level of engagement indicates the event was a success.


Astute Staffing’s team effectively facilitated Twix’s interactive university tour, engaging students, managing the interactive game, and promoting the competition. 

Our team’s efforts contributed to creating a successful and engaging campaign for Twix.

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