Case Studies

Timberland @ Cork Week

Case Studies

Timberland @ Cork Week


Timberland was set to showcase their latest range of innovative deck shoes for men and women at Cork Week. 

The aim was to not only retail their products but also engage with attendees, highlighting the functionality and style of their footwear. 

Timberland needed a team that could effectively represent their brand, interact with potential customers, and ultimately, drive sales.


Astute Staffing stepped in to provide the staffing solution for Timberland. 

We were tasked with manning the Timberland stand throughout the event.


We assigned three of our most enthusiastic and brand-savvy staff members to the task. 

Our team was briefed about Timberland’s brand, the unique selling points of their deck shoes, and the goals of the event.


Over the course of 15 staffing days, our team passionately represented Timberland, engaging with attendees and effectively promoting the innovative deck shoes. 

With a stand that was always welcoming and staff that were knowledgeable and engaging, we ensured a consistent presence for Timberland throughout Cork Week.


Our team managed to create approximately 20,000 interactions, connecting Timberland with potential customers. 

Through these interactions, we were able to showcase Timberland’s innovative deck shoes, providing details on their functionality and style, and driving interest and sales.


Astute Staffing’s dedicated team successfully represented Timberland at Cork Week. 

By understanding the brand’s values and products, we were able to engage with attendees effectively, creating a significant number of interactions and contributing to Timberland’s presence and sales during the event.

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