Case Studies

Southern Comfort – “Cocktail for Success” Campaign

Case Studies

Southern Comfort – “Cocktail for Success” Campaign


Southern Comfort sought to launch a three-week promotional campaign that centred around a mobile illuminated bar and a unique, interactive consumer experience. 

The campaign required experienced promotional staff to engage consumers and highlight key messages around a price promotion and a limited-edition gift.


Astute Staffing, in partnership with Southern Comfort, crafted a strategic solution to the challenge. 

Our goal was to create an immersive, interactive experience for consumers, while effectively promoting Southern Comfort’s products.


Astute Staffing fielded a team of premium promotional staff, including an expert Event Manager, who skillfully crafted each drink based on consumers’ scratch card mixer choice.


Over three weeks, our promotional team travelled to 36 different venues with an elaborate mobile illuminated bar to add theatre to the live event. 

Our staff handed out scratch cards to consumers, revealing a choice of mixer to pair with Southern Comfort. 

After the drink was expertly crafted by the Event Manager, our staff re-engaged with the consumer, emphasising key messages around a special price promotion and a free limited-edition gift.


The campaign successfully engaged consumers in an interactive experience over a three-week period across 36 venues. 

The mobile bar added a theatrical element to the live event, while our staff effectively promoted Southern Comfort’s price promotion and limited-edition gift.


Astute Staffing’s premium promotional staff and Event Manager played an integral role in the success of Southern Comfort’s promotional campaign. 

Our staff’s engaging approach and professionalism effectively communicated the brand’s key messages and left a memorable impression on consumers.

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