Case Studies

Sky – “The People’s Rainforest” Campaign

Case Studies

Sky – “The People’s Rainforest” Campaign


Sky launched an innovative program, ‘The People’s Rainforest’, aiming to provide an immersive rainforest experience to the public at The Point, Dublin. 

The challenge was to create an engaging, informative, and interactive tour for families, educating them about the Amazon, its people, the threats of deforestation, and the unique flora and fauna of a real-life rainforest.


Astute Staffing took pride in partnering with Sky, providing a skilled team to help facilitate this unique program. 

Our goal was to ensure that participants got the most out of their experience, learning about the rainforest while engaging in an interactive tour.


The Astute Staffing team consisted of an Assistant Manager, two Actors, and six Brand Ambassadors, each playing a key role in ensuring a successful and educational event.


The Astute Staffing team facilitated a 30-45 minute tour for families, which included an immersive Sky Rainforest Rescue Canopy Walk. 

Participants began the tour by collecting a Stamp Card, which they used to mark their discoveries of hidden symbols throughout the rainforest, including a bonus jaguar symbol. 

Each symbol unlocked a secret code to download a Sky Rainforest Rescue Explorer pack. 

The tour also featured a 3D viewing of the Amazon rainforest and an opportunity for participants to pledge their support by stamping the Tree walls.


The event took place over two days, with tours running hourly from 10am to 5pm. 

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, as they appreciated the immersive, interactive, and educational experience.


The Astute Staffing team played a crucial role in the success of the event. 

Their professionalism and engagement ensured that participants had an unforgettable experience, furthering the cause of rainforest conservation awareness.

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