Case Studies

Radley at House of Fraser, Belfast & Dublin

Case Studies

Radley at House of Fraser, Belfast & Dublin


Radley, showcased at House of Fraser in Belfast and Dublin, planned a promotional activity in the lead-up to Christmas. 

The campaign required experienced and glamorous demonstrators in-store to enhance customer experience and boost sales. 

Radley required a team of promotional staff to embody the brand’s values and engage effectively with customers.


Astute Staffing partnered with Radley to provide the Brand Ambassadors for their promotional activity. 

Our goal was to select a team that could represent the brand and connect with customers in a meaningful and engaging way.


Our team consisted of two Astute Staffing Brand Ambassadors, chosen for their expert ability to demonstrate and sell products, and for their aptitude to engage with customers in a glamorous and professional manner.


Our Brand Ambassadors worked in the House of Fraser stores in Belfast and Dublin, effectively demonstrating Radley products and providing high-quality customer service. 

Their engaging approach helped improve the overall customer experience in the lead-up to Christmas.


The Astute Staffing team worked for a total of 34 staffing days across the two stores, providing a consistent brand experience for Radley customers and contributing to the store’s festive atmosphere.


Astute Staffing’s Brand Ambassadors played an integral part in Radley’s promotional activity at House of Fraser, demonstrating products, enhancing customer service, and creating a memorable brand experience. 

Their efforts contributed to a successful promotional period for Radley.

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